British Asian Radio Proud to working with TAP

British Asian Radio – Proud to be working with TAP

The TAP Platform – What is it?


TAP (Thank And Praise) is a social thanking platform which enables the public to show their appreciation to the unsung heroes working in education and healthcare, while raising funds for good causes.

  • Thank a key worker privately
  • Praise an education or healthcare organisation publicly
  • Raise funds for an education or healthcare organisation

It has never been more important to show our gratitude to healthcare and education workers, especially in these unprecedented times.

TAP’s social thanking platform makes it easier for people to thank society’s Unsung Heroes. Thanking is a simple yet positive action that hugely benefits both the recipient and the giver of thanks. We believe that by enabling members of the public to quickly and easily thank we can end the culture of complaining and replace it with one of thanking and showing appreciation. It’s a big dream but one we are determined to fulfil.

To register and to send messages of thanks is quick and easy (it literally takes a minute) and users can do so via almost any digital channel. The aim is to reduce barriers to sending messages of thanks (barriers like not knowing the contact details of the person you want to thank, or not having the address of the organisation, or not having time to post a card or say thanks in person). Through TAP’s platform all you need is one minute, the name of the person you want to thank and where they work and away you go!

TAP is designed to enhance the mental wellbeing of key workers in healthcare and education, with no cost to organisations and no implementation processes. While raising much-needed funds.

To offset the decline in cash donations, in part due to the COVID-19 crisis, organisations need to offer a new approach. This is why TAP is partnering with GiveTap, a flexible and digital donations solution for fundraising, which includes the collection of donor Gift Aid details.

TAP now enables organisations to collect donations in a range of ways from QR codes on posters to URLs in emails and social media, all proven to generate greater levels of funding.

As a further benefit, TAP is working with corporate partners like BookLife Publishing to provide match funding meaning that each donation is worth much more to an organisation.

If you’d like to give a match funding donation to one of TAP’s Unsung Hero Organisations, please visit our donation page.

How does it work?


The free-to-use TAP platform allows messages of thanks to be sent via multiple digital channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Web Forms and Social Media Channels.


The TAP platform collects these messages from the public and sends them to the key worker or organisation.

Every message to a key worker or organisation is checked to ensure only positive messages of thanks are shared using conversational AI.

Education and Healthcare organisations can raise additional funds from donations sent by thankers and these donations are matched by TAP’s corporate partners (suppliers to the education and healthcare industries).

Registration to the TAP platform is simple and takes just a minute for both thankers and employees. There is no need to download any Apps, or for an organisation to implement any new software or systems as TAP runs on existing channels such as WhatsApp, web, and social media channels.

The TAP team approach education and healthcare organisations and encourage them to use TAP for their employees, who register (normally within the space of a couple of days). We then supply promotional material (like leaflets and posters) and run marketing activity via social media, radio and print so that members of the public are aware that employees can be thanked through TAP.